ANTI-VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN International Health & Epidemiology Research Center

Parents Can Help Prevent/Reduce Violence By:

-Teaching their children about the danger of guns, toy guns, or anything resembling a gun. (see the FactSheet).

-Not buying any toy guns/toy weapons, or anything which symbolizes violence, or any toys that can send violent messages for their children or other children.

-Not buying or renting violent video games, movies, etc.Remember that children are in their learning stages.They mimic the actions they see, and their behaviors are more easily influenced than adults.

-Talking to the managers or owners of any store that sells toy guns/weapons, dangerous toys, violent games, and movies, and convincing them to remove these ill-learning materials and instruments from their store.

-Simply by telling store managers and owners that you are not going to shop from

them anymore if they do not comply with your legitimate request (this is very

powerful and it is an effective method since they do not want to lose any customers or

money.If you want their attention, you must effect their pockets).

-Supervising your children in what they watch on TV, listen to on the radio, the type of music they listen to, video games they play, and even while working on the computer.

-Most importantly, by giving your children love, responsibility, self-esteem, self-respect, respect for others, and by teaching them morals and tolerance for differences, including teaching them to respect other religions, cultures, sexes, etc.We are all humans on this Earth!

Dr. Farideh Kioumehr-Dadsetan
The International Health & Epidemiology Research Center
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