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We Wish You a Happy New Year 

Norouz with its thousands year old message is here once again.  It tells us that the year ahead bears all the ingredients that are needed for making it better and more fruitful.  It reminds us that the year ahead is what we make it to be.  It gives us a chance to look back and evaluate our last year accomplishments and failures.  In Norouz we reflect back on our deeds and can decide to become better human beings, leaving the unpleasant feelings behind and start the New Year with new missions.  Chahar Shanbeh Sorie symbolizes this cleansing process, burning away all the traits that keep us from achieving inner peace and doing the right thing. 

Norouz tradition is not just a jubilant and blissful occasion.  It is a process that symbolically facilitates becoming a better citizen of the planet Earth.  The process commences on Chahar Shanbeh Sori and ends on the thirteenth day of the New Year (Sizdeh-Bedar).  It starts by jumping over fire to incinerate the inner dark side.  On the night before the New Year, we get together with close family and friends to reinforce and rebuild our commitment to one another.  The climax is at the beginning of the New Year, when we embrace our loved ones and wish one another happiness and health.  In the first days of the New Year, we visit our relatives and friends and renew our friendships. Finally on the thirteenth day of the New Year, we spend the day away from home to prevent evil from finding its way to our home and heart. 

Iran Online and MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC.  celebrate and cherish Norouz as our most important tradition.  We invite all of you to celebrate Nouruz the best way you can.  It is up to all of us to keep this wonderful tradition alive, carry it forward and pass it to the next generation. 

We hope in the coming year, we can all come closer together and make a better world for ourselves and the future generations. We hope that we can all become better people by acting more responsibly towards one another.  We hope in the coming year we come to a better realization about preserving our planet Earth.  Finally, we at Iran Online and at MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. wish each one of you and your families a very Happy New Year.  A year filled with joy, happiness and health. 

Happy New Year 

Iran Online and  MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. and Staff 
March 1998