Letter From Editor

Listening to Afsheen

The other day, in one of our conference calls, Afsheen told me to check out Iran Online Guest Book closely.  He said it was interesting to read the various messages and to realize the wide range of interests and backgrounds Iran Online visitors have. 

I usually read the new messages every few days.  But this time I spent little more time and read about 50 of them.  It was heart warming to see the encouragement our visitors give us.  I scrolled down the page and noticed there were more pages.  I guess until then, I had not recognized how many of our visitors signed Iran Online Guest Book.   They seemed to be from all over the world, Iran, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Far East. The next time you get a chance, visit Iran Online Guest Book.  You too may find it interesting. 

Free Persian Web-Based Email Account For All !

On April 5, 1998 we announced the first FREE Persian web based email account service to the Iranian community.   This service is currently fully operational and will undergo a facelift within the next couple of weeks. We invite you to visit www.IROL.net today and sign up for the Free membership at Iran Online Forum.  As part of the membership, you will receive a FREE Persian email account (YourName@IROL.net).  Furthermore your name will be listed in the Iran Online White Pages.   There are many Iranians who have already signed up and are taking advantage of our offering. We ask you to let people you know about this new service and encourage them to sign up for their free membership. 

So You Want To Help!

We thank all of our visitors who continue visiting Iran Online.  There are many ways that you can help us.  The following are few simple things you can do that will go a long way in helping us to further expand Iran Online Forum: 

1- Inform people you know about Iran online. Encourage them to visit Iran Online and to join the few thousands of visitors we have every day.  We have noticed those who visit Iran Online few times, tend to become regular visitors.  However, we need your help to get them started. 

2- There are a number of businesses who advertise their site or service in the Iran Online Forum.  You see their ads in the form of small banners at the top and bottom of pages.  Many of these ads are clickable.  We invite you to click on the ads and visit the sites. Our advertisers monitor the number of times the banner ads are clicked and their sites are visited via Iran online.  The more visitors they receive through Iran Online, the more value our site will have to them. 

 3- Let our advertisers and the businesses listed in the Iran Online Yellow Pages know you have seen their ads or listings at Iran Online.  Let them know the value of advertising in the Iran Online Forum.  At the same time encourage unlisted businesses to list and advertise in the Iran Online Yellow Pages. 

4- Ask people you know to sign up for their free membership at the Iran online Forum so they receive the free Persian web-based email account (YourName@IROL.net) and to get their name listed in the Iran Online White Pages. 

5- Let the businesses who wish to have their own Internet site know we at Iran Online offer full range of web hosting services. Additionally, our entire web hosting packages includes advertising in the Iran Online Forum. 

6- Invite all the Iranian social and cultural organizations to take advantage of Iran Online free web hosting services.

  Let's Rumble!

In the recent weeks, we have witnessed an increase in the number of computer hackers that have been trying to gain access and break down Iran online servers' operation.  Some of our frequent chat users may have noticed the hackersí activities in the chat rooms.  This has made us to further enhance the chat room private messaging encryption.  We have also increased some of the other system level security services.  Finally, we have increased monitoring our system and started to trace those who intentionally try to break it down.  Making these changes has been very time consuming and costly.  We consider computer hacking a malicious act and will utilize all legal means at our disposal to deal with the individuals who attempt to sabotage Iran Online operations.

What Is New?

Since the last issue of Iran online Magazine, we have been adding new features and have been updating the existing sections of Iran Online Forum. We have started hosting Iranian Association of Boston (IAB) web site as part of Iran Online Forum.  Ms. N. Fotoohi is the web-master for the site.  We invite our visitors to visit IAB site to become familiar with the activities of this organization.  You can access the it through the "Rainbow" section (http://www.IROL.COM/Rainbow/) or you can directly visit it at http://www.IROL.COM/IAB/.  Iran Gohar, the Iranian Women newsletters and Iranian Cultural Club of  Orange County (ICCOC) newsletter were also posted during this period.  Molla Nasreldin section was expanded to include more stories.  Additionally, the Anti-violence Campaign site was expanded to include information about its recent accomplishments and activities.  Finally, we posted a pictorial report about Sizdeh-Bedar event that was held in the Southern California.  Free Email account service was also offered during this period. 

This Issue

As always the articles posted in this issue are from a pool of viewers provided material.  We thank our viewers whose articles are included here. The articles presented here cover a wide range of topics.  They do not necessarily reflect Iran Online or its staff viewpoints. We also thank you and would like to remind you that we value your opinion. Please continue to send us your articles and comments. 

Editorial Staff 
Iran Online 
May 1998