Letter From Editor

Excitements Fade Away, Memories Remain  

Many of us are still recovering from the excitement of the Word Cup soccer games and the fantastic performance of our team.  We tend to keep that good feeling of being part of something positive alive and to nourish it.  However, as time goes by, it becomes more difficult to maintain the same level of excitement as the day our team beat the American team.  Over time the excitement may fade away, but the memories of that day will always remain with us.  Once more the staff of Iran Online, Manou & Associates Inc and Virtual Factor LLC. praise the effort of all the members of the Iranian soccer team and congratulate all Iranians who supported our team.

 Our Visitors 

We have noticed that Iran Online Forum visitors are spending more time, browsing through various sections of Iran Online.  Their interests seem to be more evenly divided among the different sections. We are not clear what the contributing factors to this change are. However, we suspect the combination of the following has something to do with it.

  • Internet is becoming more available to a wider cross section of the Iranian community with a much wider interest. 
  • The recent political development in Iran is causing a renewed interest among the Iranians abroad.
  • The increase in the acceptance of Iran Online Forum as an all encompassing Iranian Internet site. 

We have also noticed an increase in the number of non-Iranians who visit Iran Online Forum.  They are interested either in learning more about Iran or in the import and export opportunities with Iran.


Who is Virtual Factor LLC? 

Virtual Factor LLC was established by the founders of Manou & Associates Inc. and few other individuals for the sole purpose of offering specific set of services to the Iranian Internet community.  These services are presented as an integral part of Iran online Forum.  Free Persian web-based email service at www.IROL.net is the first service offered by Virtual Factor LLC.   Many of Iranians have already taken advantage of this free service and have received their Free email account (YourName@IROL.net) and have their name listed in the Iran online White Pages.  If you have not signed up for your Free email account, we invite you to do so today.

Iran Online Yellow Pages 

Iran Online Yellow Pages at www.IranianYellowPages.com is probably the oldest Iranian business directory on the Internet.  This site has been completely redesigned.  The new site has been designed as an integral part of Iran Online.  The new site offers many new features.  Businesses can be listed in this directory by filling out an online form that is provided for this purpose.  The business owner can select a password as part of this process which will allow him / her to go back at a later time and change the listed information.  For each listed business, we will create a unique homepage and have it registered in the various Internet search engines.   All of these are part of our basic business-listing package that is offered for FREE.   We invite you to visit this site and take advantage of its services.   Additionally, we ask you to encourage the Iranian businesses in your area to join this directory.

To mass email or not to mass email ...

 Over the last three years, many of you have added your email addresses to our mailing list.  It has been our policy to restrain ourselves from sending out email about trivial matters.  At the same time, we feel that we need to inform our visitors and others about some of the new developments and enhancements at Iran Online Forum.  That is why we have started an email campaign to inform our visitors about our ongoing developments.  This activity will continue for the next few weeks at which time, we will evaluate its result. 


Where is Iran Online Forum heading? 

We have always felt the need for an all encompassing Iranian Internet site that offers an interactive environment to all Iranians.   Most of the existing Iranian Internet sites are static and offer a specific set of information.   Iran Online Forum goals are to surpass that and to offer services that go beyond ones interest.  We feel Iranians need to have a solid presence on the Internet where they can receive the latest services that World Wide Web can offer.  The following are some of the services that are only offered by Iran Online as part of one integrated package.

  1-  Classified advertising 
  2-  Online chat services 
  3-  Persian Web-Based email account services 
  4-  White pages listing 
  5-  Web hosting facilities for Iranian cultural and social organizations 
  6-  Business listing in the Iran Online Yellow Pages 
  7-  Internet home pages for Iranian businesses 

The above services are all offered FREE of charge to the Iran Online Forum visitors.  We feel these are the type of services that our Internet community needs.  Additionally, Iran Online Forum offers one of the largest online depositories of information about Iran, Iranian art and literature.  We believe there is a lot more to be done to further strengthen the means for bringing the Iranian Internet community closer together.  We ask you to help us promote these services among the Iranian community and let them know Iran Online Forum offers a world class service to its visitors and clients.

This Issue 

As always the articles posted in this issue are from a pool of viewers provided material.  We thank our viewers whose articles are included here. The articles presented here cover a wide range of topics.  They do not necessarily reflect Iran Online or its staff viewpoints. We also thank you and would like to remind you that we value your opinion. Please continue to send us your articles and comments.  

Editorial Staff  
Iran Online Forum  
July 1998