Ghazal from Diwan of Hafiz
English Translation

Ghazal from Diwan of Hafiz
Translated By Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.
Poem in Farsi
There is the righteous one, here is ruined me. 
See how far it is from one to the other! 

What link do piety and righteousness have to the rend's way? 
There is the sound of the sermon, here is the melody of the rabab. 

My heart grew weary of the cloister, the hypocrite's cloak. 
Where is the monastery of the Magi? Where is pure wine? 

The day of union are gone. Let them be a joyful memory. 
Where is that amorous glance?  Where is that reproach? 

What can the enemy's heart find in my love's face? 
There is that dead lamp, here is this sun candle. 

Do not be seduced by her dimpled chin, there is a well in that road. 
Where are you going, O heart, in such a hurry? 

Since the kohl of our insight is the dust of your doorway, 
Please tell us, where do we go from this threshold? 

Do not cover rest and sleep from Hafiz, O friend. 
What is rest?  Which is patience?  And where is sleep?