Poem By:  Bibi Hayati
This poem and Bibi Hayati Biography were sent to Iran Online by Elaine Daitch, who is an admirer and promoter of Persian literature. She is also a contributor to a fantastic Iranian Internet site entitled "Treasures of Persian Literature".  Mr. B.H. Far is responsible for creation of this site.  We invite all those who enjoy Persian literature to visit this site and become more familiar with Mr. Far and Elaine Daitch work.
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About Bibi Hayati
Bibi Hayati was born in Kerman into a family that followed Sufi traditions. Her brother brought her to a gathering of Nur Ali Shah.  She became his first follower and his wife.  Her husband became a prominent spiritual leader of the Nimatollahi Order.  They had one daughter together.  It is unknown when she was born, but she died in 1853. 

The Poem
Before there was a trace of this world of men, 
I carried the memory of a lock of your hair, 
A stray end gathered within me, though unknown. 

Inside that invisible realm, 
Your face like the sun longed to be seen, 
Until each separate object was finally flung into vision. 

From the moment of time's first-drawn breath, 
Love resides in us, 
A treasure locked into the heart's hidden vault. 

Before the first seed broke open the rosebud of Being, 
An inner lark soared through your meadows, 
Heading towards Home. 

What can I do but thank you, one hundred times? 
Your face illumines the shrine of Hayati's eyes, 
Constantly present and lovely.