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Author Topic:   "Good-bye Mr. President"
posted March 06, 2001 09:57     Click Here to See the Profile for Vatandoost   Click Here to Email Vatandoost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
SMCCDI (Iran Chapter)
March 5, 2001

In The Name Of Iran,

The news of Mostafa Tajzadeh, the Deputy Minister of Interior's condemnation that was later on, broadcasted by Larijani's snow-flaked mien
instigated everyone's regret. The last guardian of the 'reformer's entrenchment within the Ministry of Interior was sentenced to a one-year prison sentence, and dismissed from public service for 39 months, bringing the plot for a complete elimination of the 'so-called' reformers ever so closer to completion. It was clearly predictable that the ruling mafia within the regime would take their revenge from Tajzadeh at the aftermath of the 8 July uprising, Rafsanjani's defamation, and the dramatic failure of the monopolists from the people during the sixth parliamentary elections.

The plan for a total elimination of the reformers through the judiciary, the implementation of a policy to block reforms by the Supreme Leader, the Guardian Council and The Expediency Council, and the suppression of free thinkers and freedom-fighters by the ruling mafia under the banner of a policy of "Active Tranquility" is surely leading to a full-scale coup d 'Etat.

There are no limits to the Conservatives determination to completely destroy the Second Khordad Movement. They resort to murder in order to safeguard the pillars of their unlawful authority.

The long list of their crimes is as follows: The massacre of political prisoners, the wave of political assassinations, the raid of student dormitories, the shooting of Tabriz University students, the acquittal of the perpetrators of the tragedy at Tehran University, the successive ban of newspapers, the successive rejection of the Parliament's sanctioned laws by the Guardian Council, the arrest and torture of journalists, the omission of the media reform bill by an official decree from the Supreme Leader etc...........

Today, the condemnation of the Interior Ministry's first deputy, and the remise of the Interior Minister's dossier at the unlawful Special Clerical Court are all precursory signs of a creeping coup d' Etat and a reformist movement that has been forced to kneel down.

With his present day silence, Khatami has given the ruling mafia his best service. We can no longer argue that it is due to a lack of authority that Khatami is ducking from the monopolists offensive. His true power emanated from the people. Unfortunately, his unbreakable ties with the regime prevented him from comprehending this very important fact. He had two choices - the people or the Supreme Leader. He should know that today, it was Tajzadeh. Tomorrow, it will be the Minister of Interior, and in the near future, he himself, will become the victim of the ruling gang's greed.

Mr. President, the countdown for your removal from office has started. Come to your senses!

Mr. President, do not sell Iran's national interests to those who have been bewitched by the Supreme Leader. You should not declare that any individual, who talks about the modification of the constitutional law is a traitor, arguing that modification is a source of corruption and self-interest. You must believe that they will no longer listen to your pretty tunes. They will not trust you.

Mr. President, how wonderful it would be if you would once again, embrace your kind people and separate your path from those who betray our country. Mr. President, you sent your supporters to the slaughter house without any reason. You should feel responsible for what has happened to them. The arrest of your supporters is taking place without your intervention, and is accompanied by your silence.

Mr. President, if instead of useless bargaining with high-ranking officials, you would take into account the power of lower-ranking officials, and would not consider that implementing reforms and obtaining freedom is a matter of self-interest, we would not be so helpless and disgraced today. No one expects you to be a champion. In fact, being a champion was your own illusion, not the people's expectation. If you would not have considered your own people as mere strangers and immature, you would not have been obliged to consult with the Supreme Leader.

Mr. President, you should have known that you are incapable to surpass the oppressors and carry out your reforms by yourself, without the people's support. Why did you separate your path from the people's path? Architect of the "Dialogue Between Civilizations" that you claim to be, you were drowned in wishful thinking. You had the illusion that with the help of slogans, speeches, and dialogue, the ruling mafia will grant your requests.

Mr. President, what has frightened you so much? Are you afraid of the people's presence in the ring or are you worried that mass demonstrations and protests throughout the country may lead to chaos? Maybe, you're terrified that the Islamic regime may collapse?

Unfortunately, you are more worried about the survival of an oppressive regime, and not about the wants of Iran's oppressed people. You should know that the Iranian nation will no longer pay the price of your negligence, malevolence and faulty analyses.

Mr. President, sooner or later, those who're plotting a coup d' Etat will be after you. Therefore, drum up enough courage to trust God and the people to prevent the legitimization of a state-sponsored coup d' Etat. Your silence is an acknowledgement stamp for them. Do not waste any time. Act before the official decree for the absolute rule of the Supreme Leader is issued.

Mr. President, it's up to the people to decide their destiny, and not up to you. Allow the people to traverse their path.

Mr. President, trust your people and let them deal with the oppressors and traitors. Do not block the raging wave with your vain and childish analyses.

The heroic people of Iran have proven throughout their ancient history that they do not need a champion or a savior to demolish the corrupt people's scrolls, and transform their nests into a pile of ruins.

Mr. President, today, is the day we say farewell to you. Today, is the Iranian nation's manifestation of wrath.

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran"
(SMCCDI - Iran Chapter)

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posted March 06, 2001 10:27     Click Here to See the Profile for Vatandoost   Click Here to Email Vatandoost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Do not be surprise by what Khatami is doing or not doing. Your organization just like many others has been misled by the nonsense that Khatami has been preaching. You make it sound as Khatami ever had any intention to bring democracy to the Islamic Republic and the people of Iran. One look at its constitution and the history of Islam will tell you otherwise.

The way I see it, Khatami has been true to his belief. It is people and organizations like you that gave up on their ideals and relied on somebody else (in this case Khatami) doing their work. Now you sound like he has betrayed you. He was never on your side to begin with. You were on his side. He made the bed and you jumped in it. Now it s over. He is finished with likes of you. He is now telling you " It was nice while it lasted, Get out now, leave .....By the way you can stay, but you have to shut up. ".

The sad part is you are still asking Khatami "Why?". You need to move on and I hope this painful experience help you to mature and learn to relay more on the lessons learned from history. There is now easy way of getting the job done.

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posted March 13, 2001 10:17     Click Here to See the Profile for Vatandoost   Click Here to Email Vatandoost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
President Khatami confirms he (almost) saved the regime

By Safa Haeri, IPS Editor

PARIS 12 Mar. (IPS) The Mountain laid a mouse", was the first commentaries of many Iranian analysts inside and outside the country about the much-expected speech pronounced Sunday in the Majles (parliament) by the Iranian President Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Khatami.

"Mr. Khatami seemed to be more anxious to please to the conservatives than to satisfy his own base, meaning the students, the youngsters and the women, all expecting him to take a firm stand and identify his foes, those who created one crisis every nine days for him, as he himself admitted", observed Mr. Sadeq Saba, BBC’s senior commentator of Iranian affairs.

In his two-hours long speech that was interrupted by warm applauses from the reformists, Mr. Khatami again repeated that under present Constitution, the President was powerless, that he faces plenty and various obstacles and difficulties, but he offered no solutions.

He also surprised many observers by defending at length the present Constitution, insisting that the velayat faqih, a basically dictatorial concept proper to the Shi’a Islam was compatible with democracy, and this while many of his close religious reformers have reached the conclusion than the two were basically irreconcilable.

Explaining the reason why he refuses to spell out his problems with his hard-line foes, the President said "No servant is allowed to cause tension in the country by revealing the worries he is faced with".

"I admit that I have not revealed all my worries in the society not out of personal foresight, but because of national interests", Khatami said, without explaining them, as many Iranians expected, the official news agency IRNA reported.

"I have always been privy to the problems and sufferings of the Iranian nation and have suffered from them," he added.

Some analysts said knowing Mr. Khatami’s character, the speech they heard Sunday was "exactly" what they would expect of him.

"Khatami is not a fighter. If he avoid to enumerate the crisis he suffers from the conservatives, he could start a big crisis just days before the Iranian New Year, one that he wants to be celebrated by the Iranians in traditional way, as seen by the number of articles the official news agency carried in the past few days on the event, its past, traditions, history etc", observed Mr. Ahmad Salamatian, a Paris-based political

Though the exercise was mostly filled with previously heard complaints and was less punchy than recent speeches, for instance the one he revealed that his since he took power almost four year ago, his government faced
one crisis every nine days, yet it also contained some warnings to his conservative foes by telling them if he fails and the regime with him, it would have been their responsibility.

In fact and repeatedly, Mr. Khatami told the conservatives that it is thanks to him that they still enjoy power and advantages, for it was he who almost saved the regime from chaos and international isolation when he took over.

Observers said the reason Mr. Khatami deliberately unclear about whether he would seek another mandate on 8 June was to place the hard-liners to choose their camp after having assured them that the reforms he wants to apply are within the framework of the present Constitution that give the vali faqih, or the leader, in the present case Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i, ultra-constitutional powers, placing him above all laws.

He also slammed both his hard-line critics and advocates of a transition to a more secular government, observing that the Iranian people seek moderation. "They neither support hard-line critics of his policies nor
are they considering an alternative that would replace the Islamic system", he said, warning against those who, "profiting from the open climate, and now openly questions the whole of the Islamic system and talk of separating the state from the religion", he noted.

"I call on all wise men of every walk to resist this trend", he said in remarks that analysts said would annoy many young ones, particularly students and reformists who more and call for a referendum to decide on the future of the regime.

"As long as people want me, I will continue to serve, with the thought that I can move forward in the face of all problems", Mr. Khatami said, adding: "If and when this feeling within me ceases, I would rather serve the people and the Islamic Revolution in another post".

Pausing as a real democrat, Mr. Khatami deplored the closure by the Judiciary last week of "Harim", a conservative weekly on charge of defaming him, but had not a single word for the dozen jailed reformist journalists, most of them his closest allies, and the 30 independent and reform seeking publications shut down on orders from Mr. Khameneh’i, the regime’s leader.

He, however, made it clear that he did not intend to interfere in the internal affairs of the judiciary. Despite his failure to implement many of the political, economic, social and political reforms he promised in 1997, Mr. Khatami remains the most popular candidate for the next presidential election Khatami won the presidency by a landslide on May 23, 1997, obtaining over 20 million votes
or 69 percent of the total votes.

Observers said thought they think the speech was one of a campaigner, yet they felt he deliberately choose to perpetuate the expectations.

Director General of the official news agency IRNA that supports Mr. Khatami said seventy-nine percent of Iranians want Khatami to run again but 64 percent would vote for him if he does

Mohammad-Reza Khatami, the younger brother of the President and the leader of the largest fraction in the reformist-dominated Majles interpreted his brother’s Sunday speech as indicating his willingness to seek a new
mandate and revealed at the same time that a bill giving the President more powers would land on the Majles soon.

Informed sources said Mr. Khatami has prepared a 130-pages report containing all the regime’s shortcomings and bottlenecks he is about to send to the leader, with part of it expected to be released to the public.

Despite his failure to make good on many of his campaign promises due to the pressures from his detractors, Khatami seems to remain a shoo-in for next election if he decides to run.

The speech had however some "firsts", as it was the first time that a President chose the parliament to address the people, as it was the first time that lawmakers applauded the speech instead of the "Allaho Akbar" that, since the Islamic revolution of 1979 had replaced such western attitudes and finally he got a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

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posted March 19, 2001 11:34     Click Here to See the Profile for Vatandoost   Click Here to Email Vatandoost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
EC secretary clarifies earlier remarks

Tehran, March 18, IRNA -- Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei here Sunday elaborated on his recent remarks over President Mohammad Khatami's running in the next presidential elections.

Asked why he was concerned about President Khatami's presence on the scene, he said while a group of Khatami's friends are worried about his success in the presidential elections others are concerned about his post-election success in the next four years.

"I am concerned about Mr. Khatami's success in the next four years for two reasons. Firstly his lack of success in the next four years will harm the Islamic system, the cleric and the society as Mr. Khatami has intertwined his identity with Islam and the people and experience has shown that he would not deviate from the path of Islam and the people," said Rezaei.

He said the second reason is that lack of success for Khatami will harm his own prestige and identity. Therefore, he added, if Khatami is to run in the next presidential election he had better plan for his success in the next four years.

On changes in his opinion about President Khatami's participation in the upcoming presidential elections, the EC secretary said the president's recent report to the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) made him
worried as there can be two interpretations from it.

First of all, the president does not intend to run for president and secondly he is to participate in the elections but has no plan to change his previous programs, he said.

Rezaei further remarked that an opinion poll today indicates that people want an improvement in the cultural and economic situation and politics comes as their next priority. However, he added, four years ago the situation was different.

He said President Khatami can either adopt political development as a target or as a basis for cultural and economic evolution in the country.

In case the president opts for the first, he would definitely fail but if he selects the second choice he would come out successfully, Rezaei said.

However, he added, Khatami is the most proper candidate for the next presidential elections and his participation will be beneficial for the society and the system but not at any cost.

Some people believe they should encourage Khatami to run for president in order to preserve their own status, said Rezaei, adding that Khatami is a proper candidate for the next four years if he offers a plan for economic, cultural and administrative change.

Rezaei's brother, Omidvar, on Saturday said his brother is calling on President Mohammad Khatami to seek re-election.

Mohsen Rezaei on Friday told IRNA that it is better for Khatami not to run in the June polls in order not to ruin the fruits of his first term in office during the second term.

Omidvar Rezaei said his brother is staunchly in favor of Khatami for a second term in office.

Under the Iranian constitution, a president cannot serve more than two four-year terms. The presidential election is less than three months away on June 8.

Reformist parties and groupings have built pressure on Khatami to stand for June presidential elections.

Meanwhile, in a statement Friday, pro-reform Islamic Revolution Mujahideen Organization called on President Khatami to run for president in the upcoming elections.

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posted March 19, 2001 11:40     Click Here to See the Profile for Vatandoost   Click Here to Email Vatandoost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
2nd Khordad Front Revising Policy Toward Hashemi Rafsanjani

The Tehran Times
By Our Staff Writer

March 18, 2001

TEHRAN With presidential elections on the national agenda, a sharp change is observed in the permutation of political forces which stems mainly from the revision of the 2nd Khordad Front's policies during the past four

Having bashed former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani for about four years, the main forces of the 2nd Khordad have concluded that the front made a mistake in its Rafsanjani-bashing.

The 2nd Khordad now believes that whether Khatami will be in the race or not, it must create cordial bounds with Rafsanjani, for it will be in the advantage of the front, for it can rely on Rafsanjani's links and bases.
Elections will be held on June 8. Khatami came to power in a landslide victory in May 1997.

If Khatami is in the race, Rafsanjani can be a good support for him; if he is not in the race the need to rely on Rafsanjani doubles, the 2nd Khordad says.

Although many commentaries had already appeared in the Iranian print media in favor or against President Khatami's candidacy, the issue came to the fore once again when the Executives of Construction Party (ECP) started opposing Khatami's candidacy in private parleys which somehow leaked out.

In a meeting of the ECP, the secretary general of the party, Gholamhossein Karbaschi said that Khatami had better not run for the second term. It was after the said meeting that the Secretary of the Expediency Council,
Mohsen Rezaei, said at a public meeting that in case Khatami repeats the slogans of the past four years for the next elections, he would be a hurdle in the way of the Iranians, and the nation in return will put him aside.

As a reformist who has made several useful achievements in the past four years, Khatami should not run to engrave the pleasant memory of these four years in the history of Iran, he said.

Mohsen Rezaei made the remark, while two weeks ago he had openly supported Khatami's candidacy.

The latest comment in this regard came from Majlis representative Ahmad Pournejati who reacted to Rezaei's and Karbaschi's statements saying, those who recommend Khatami not to run for president think that Khatami served as a safety valve during the his first term. The same people argue
that the pressure has subsided in the society, he is not effective.

Such elements consider him a tool or a safety valve, he said. Although the ECP is silent on the issue, all other coalition members of the 2nd Khordad support his candidacy, he said.

Pournejati's statement reveals half of the reality, that is, the ECP does not want Khatami to run, but he has not said the view of the Islamic Iran Participation Party (IIPP) and other coalition members, one nalyst said.

It seems that the IIPP and some other members of the 2nd Khordad coalition are revising their policies regarding president Rafsanjani.

Even President Khatami himself believes that he should win the support of Rafsanjani and should support him. His statement in Kerman a couple weeks ago, saying, "Rafsanjani is the identity card of the revolution" underlines this fact.

The 2nd Khordad has now reached the conclusion that it is in its interest to support Rafsanjani and win his support. Whether Rafsanjani is in the race or Khatami will be in the race, the 2nd Khordad has concluded that it must no more bash Rafsanjani and must win his support.

Although Khatami once announced his candidacy in April, later he implied that he is not certain about his candidacy. The candidacy of Khatami is still not certain. Even some inner circles of the 2nd Khordad do not have proper information about Khatami's decision. This is why, some top-notch elements of the 2nd Khordad now seem to be getting prepared to change their loyalty, if need be.

Parliament's Vice-Speaker, Behzad Nabavi, recently met former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and told him that the 2nd Khordad Front would throw its weight behind him, in case Khatami did not run.

For the first time the TEHRAN TIMES broke the story that the 2nd Khordad MPs had met with Rafsanjani and discussed the issue of the forthcoming presidential elections.

Experts believe that the 2nd Khordad is preparing two election scenarios: Elections with Khatami; and without Khatami.

If Khatami runs, then the 2nd Khordad would delightfully support him. But, if he decides not to run, the 2nd Khordad prefers to field a pragmatic, moderate candidate. This is why the front has approached Rafsanjani. It is
not clear if Rafsanjani would run.

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