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  In Commemoration of the Victims of June 20, 1981

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Author Topic:   In Commemoration of the Victims of June 20, 1981
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Asqar Karimi

June 20, 1981 is a turning point in Iranian history and the beginning of one of the bloodiest suppressions of
the 20th Century. From that date, the Islamic regime of Iran committed genocide in order to crush a people
who had risen up against the Shah's despotism to establish a human and free society. It crushed the council
movement and strikes, and slaughtered people who had for the very first time freely organised in
organisations and associations of their choice. It began to commit genocide.

Starting from 20 June 1981, communists, secularists, former political prisoners, political opponents, the
Mujahedin, labour leaders, women and others were arrested on the streets and immediately executed without
trial or after a several-minute-long trial. Many were executed merely because they looked like someone else
or looked un-Islamic. Old, young and children were condemned to death before firing squads. Political
prisoners would wake up every dawn with the sound of firing squads executing their friends and cell mates
and would count the number of shots: one, two, …one hundred and twenty, one hundred and twenty one…
Sometimes even more were executed and this took place in many prisons across the country. The next day,
others were lined up and shot. For months later, the killing machine did not stop. They would separate
people from their friends and cellmates, take them away with kicks and punches, and execute them. They
would then load the corpses in trucks and dump them into ditches and mass graves. They would publish the
list of the executed in newspapers for all to see and be warned. Those who had not been arrested would look
in the papers for the names of their brothers and sisters, their comrades and colleagues, their spouses and
lovers. They would try to hide, only to be hunted down by the Islamic Gestapo. Many of those killed were
no older than 13 or 14 years of age. Mothers and fathers would go to visit their children in prison, only to
hear in disbelief of their children's execution. There were even made to pay for the cost of the bullets used to
kill their children in order to claim their children's clothes. Even imagining so much brutality is difficult.

The Friday prayer imams would boast about the massacres. With every wave of arrest and killing, leaders
like Khomeini, Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Nabavi, Khoeniha, Mohtashami, Rezai, Khalkhali, Moosavi, and
Sarhadizadeh would appear on television screens to sing the praises of the Islamic regime's victories.
Cabinet members, heads of the revolutionary courts, prisons, interrogators, SAVAMA, Pasdaran, and Friday
prayers imams and propagandists would decide, plan, order, arrest, torture, and carry out mock or real
executions. Within a few years, more than a hundred thousand innocent people had been slaughtered and
several times more that number were crushed under torture in the regime's dungeons. Evin, Gohardasht and
Gazal Hesar were added to Auschwitz and Dachau. It was thus that the victorious banner of the Islamic
regime was hoisted over a people who had made a revolution, workers and their councils, women, people
thirsty for freedom and prosperity, communists and opponents.

The so-called Reformists and Right wing factions are equally guilty and responsible for the atrocities. They
share equally in the execution of over a hundred thousand political prisoners, in the pre- and post- June 1981
suppression, the continued suppression of the labour movement, assassinations abroad, the massacres in
Kurdistan and Turkmen Sahra, stonings, the imposition of rightlessness, the execution of several thousand
political prisoners in 1988, the organising and establishing the notorious Pasdaran and intelligence services,
the reactionary Iran-Iraq war that left 500 thousand dead and a million disabled, etc. They share equal
allegiance to the reactionary and brutal constitution of the Islamic Republic. They have equal enmity with
freedom and are equally responsible for sustaining this regime.

Look at this list:

- The Mujahedin e Enghelab e Eslami, one of the pillars of the current so-called Reformist faction, was a
staunch supporter of the Imam's Line and organised the Pasdaran and the Committees. Behzad Nabavi, a
leader of the so-called Reformists, headed these groups. During 20 June 1981, he was the government's

- Khoeniha was the spokesperson of the students of the Imam's Line and a Prosecutor in the Islamic
revolutionary courts.

- Khalkhali, the Islamic revolutionary courts' judge who executed innumerable people.

- Jalaiepour, who killed many in Kurdistan, and who is still proud of his atrocities.

- Today's Voltaires of the so-called Reformists, Ganji, Baghi, Hajarian, and Hadi Khamenei were
commanders of the Pasdaran and organised SAVAMA.

- Mohtashami was the Minister of Interior then and today advises Khatami.

- Khatami was a cabinet minister during 1982 to 1992, the darkest period in the criminal history of Islamic

These prominent figures and personalities of the so-called Reformists along with the Right-wing Rafsanjani,
Khamenei, Lajevardi, Gilani, Reyshahri and Mullah Hassani helped plan and mercilessly implement this
catastrophe under Khomeini's leadership. Khomeini's name will be recorded alongside the Hitlers, Pinochets
and Saddam Hosseins. To this list of criminals, one must add those who are currently serving in Khatami's
cabinet, the Majlis, the Pasdaran, army, embassies, those interrogator-journalists or those who are in the pay
of the courts and prisons. And this is not the entire story. From 20 June 1981, he regime had collaborators
who spied on communists, labour leaders, and political activists and turned them into the Pasdaran and
SAVAMA. Those same people are striving hard to eradicate 20 June 1981 - which is also a part of their
own history - from people's memory.


On the first day of this regime's downfall, the people of Iran will commemorate the victims of over two
decades of Islamic rule in Iran. Simultaneously, those responsible will face trial and be prosecuted. Millions
across the world will follow those trials and will learn the whole truth about the regime's atrocities and those
in governments and the media that concealed the truth in order to maintain the Islamic regime.

Today, the movement, which was bloodily suppressed, is stronger and more powerful than ever before.
Iranian society is getting rid of this regime in order to establish a human society. http://www.WPIBriefing.com

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