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Author Topic:   Human Relationship - The Introduction
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You are the best community raised up for humankind. You enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency; and you believe in Allah.

And if the People of the Scripture had believed it was better for them. Some of them are believers; but most of them are evil-livers. (Q3:110)


Muslims are the best community raised up for mankind not because they bear the name nor that they were born into Islamic culture but because they are wise and have sense of direction in their life. This must be practically seen to be so – it is not a mere claim.

The condition is very clear; they enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency out of their belief in Allah.

What is right conduct and what is indecency?

There is certainly a universal law and nature. Life has a meaning. Learning, without this acknowledgement, would not have been a possibility.

The universal law of existence must be complete enough to take care of the hierarchy of creation if not; there will be the need for a parallel law.

When there is a parallel law to the first law, there will be two independent lines of existence. That may be an indication that there are two sources for existence or two 'gods.'

The wise God would not have reason to create two parallel laws. In that case, all the laws are based on a single mother law of existence.

Because of the orderliness in existence, it has become unavoidable to run into the organisational structures and the complexities as we find them today.

Instead of the billions of organised cells in the body, Allah could have made the body just a single entity that do not need the integration of components. That would have called for a parallel law in existence.

Since there must be no parallel law, here we are with all the structures and the complexities as found today.

Therefore, there is truth and there is conduct that is in conformity with the Universal law – such is the right conduct. Indecency is injustice or a deviation from the truth.

Human beings generally are biased except those who have control over themselves and are able to regulate their desires.

Regulation of self in tune with the truth can only be accomplished when there is firm belief in the truth. Allah is the absolute truth.

A Muslim is either in charge of himself or he is under a community that has a just leader.

The goal of life is to train the heart to become just.


Human beings are conscious creature – by consciousness, we learn and gain acquaintance with the Universe.

Our learning is motivated by urges emanating from the Heart and terminated by satisfaction that emanates from the same heart.

The Universe (by our definition here) is all the objects and forces in existence – there is just a Universe in this sense.

We entered into the world when we did not know anything conscious-wise.

We learn and know by our senses and the brain.

Whatever we can claim to know of the universe is actually the stimulation of a small portion of our brain. Conscious speaking, we are no more than our brains.

The senses (our only accesses to the universe) are connected to the brain where the inputs are analysed. The analysis in the Brain is pre-determined.

The senses do not transfer the physical universe into the brain – the senses are stimulated and they in turn stimulate the specified regions in the brain.

Therefore, when we talk of learning, we are talking of stimulation of some regions in our brain.

To make it clearer, the senses do not necessarily differ in the message they carry nor do they actually differ in the stimulation they give to the brain – it is either stimulation or no stimulation at all. The difference between one sensation and the other may only be in the destination and the sequence.

It is essential to mention that the portion of our brain that gives us the sense of light is itself immune from light.

If (in the brain) the optical nerves are interchanged with the auditory nerves, the result would be that in response to sound, we see flashes of light and vice versa.

We do not know except what we are pre-determined to know and that much in our brain.

The motivation as we have observed above is the Heart which is likewise the target.

The Mind is the centre where they all come to meet. The mind is the very consciousness.

We entered into the world with our mind but without anything we can regard as awareness – we did not know anything.

Soon we began to learn and today we can boast of awareness.

The Universe (as we have come to name the presumed physical objects and forces) is what we presumably learn. The brain is the means of such learning.

The mind is consciousness and the heart is both the motivating force and the goal of the learning.

A human being does not engage in any conscious activity until there is an urge and he does not stop over the particular activity until there is satisfaction hence the cycle of desire – satisfaction.

All our so-called learning is contained in the cycle of desire and satisfaction.

In our conventional education system, we have fields of study.

Let us assume that PHYSICS is the name given to studies conducted at sub-atomic level. For the time being, we will consider it as the most fundamental studies conducted by human beings.

All other things therefore, are based on Physics. We can use physics to explain every other thing but there is nothing we can use to explain physics except physics itself.

At atomic level, we begin to talk of CHEMISTRY as the name given to our studies of the interaction between atoms. Chemistry therefore, can be explained by Physics and by chemistry itself.

To this juncture, we have finished with dead matter.

When we come up to living matter, we begin to use words like BIOLOGY to represent the studies conducted on living things. Biology can be completely analysed chemically and by physics.

At the level of conscious living things, we enter into the realm of PYSCHOLOGY.

Psychology is the study of the mind and as such can be analysed biologically, chemically and by physics.

Human beings are not just objects among the objects of life – human beings are actors and therefore are responsible for changes in activities.

It would not be overstatement to say that without human beings and the jinns there would be no changes in existence – God apart.

The only force (the fundamental force) responsible for all the changes in existence is what is vaguely understood as the WILL-POWER.

Life is the only force acting directly on Matter.

Will-Power (as a force) acts through the mind on a living brain which acts presumably on matter.

The HEART (as the focus of learning) is analysed psychologically, biologically, chemically and by Physics.

The study of the heart (what to desire and why) is regarded as VERTICAL learning while all other studies which are merely meant to gratify our desires are known as HORIZONTAL learning.

Al-Islam is the study and guide of the heart and al-Islam therefore is analysed psychologically, biologically, chemically and by Physics.

The Heart, unlike the mind or living brain, is the focus of all the studies and therefore can only be studied for the sake of itself.

For every individual or the leadership of any relationship, the heart is the directing force – nothing can be understood perfectly well or utilized justly while the heart is unjust.

Education is corrupt today because the leadership is corrupt. There is intentional spread of misinformation for unjust and irrational interests of the leaders.

Without at-Taqwa, Education can not be protected from manipulation likewise the utilisation of it.

An individual as well as the leader of a relationship must either be just or must strive to belong to a community that has a Just Leader.

Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of human activities (what they did by their hand), that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return. (Q30:41)

Corruption is caused by an unjust heart. Human beings have been unjust to themselves and consequently to all other things.

Al-Islam, as we can see is not a subject to be studied along with other subjects – al-Islam is the directing force for all other studies. We engage in all other studies in order to understand and build the heart.

It is misleading and highly unfortunate that in some so-called Islamic nations, you find Universities meant for all studies along with Theological schools meant specifically for the study of al-Islam.

Al-Islam, instead of being studied in Theological schools, is studied in all the pure, social and applied sciences. Law is only part of this arrangement.

The language of al-Qur’an is knowledge of Psychology.

Arabic as a human language is highly inadequate to convey the message of Allah. No wonder, if the Oceans were to become ink and a person is to explain the words of Allah (in any human language), soon would the oceans become dry and yet the explanation is not completed even if the oceans were to be replaced.

Al-Islam is experienced as a Muslim moves up vertically in life and therefore the Qur’an is understood more and more.

Our approach to learning has been highly erroneous and we have wasted so much time and effort.

We begin our studies from the leaves of tree instead of the root. No wonder the numerous theories and the inconclusive researches.

The analogy is like someone conducting a research to know the position of the sun at a particular time in various countries.

While this scientific researcher may finally resolve the problem by visiting all the countries to see for himself the position of the sun and to later use his clock and calculator to make the necessary deductions, his answer may not be as accurate if he had rather studied the movement of earth and then determine the positions of the counties vis-à-vis the sun.

Instead of uncovering the formula of life, we are busy making unnecessary voyages.

Human relationship is the love interaction that exists among human beings. This is to be contrasted with the interaction that is purely based on needs.

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<<< To be continued >>>

Do not cheat and do not allow yourself to be cheated

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