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Author Topic:   A Quest for True Islam
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posted December 21, 2000 00:14     Click Here to See the Profile for rabbanyyun   Click Here to Email rabbanyyun     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The Islam of Prophet Muhammad (s) revealed in the holy QurŠn has been utterly distorted by the clergy of various sects who falsely attribute their own teachings to Islam.
In this bulletin The "Rabbany Movement" will elucidate only some of the discrepancies between the Islam of QurŠn and these pseudo-Islams, which are not Islam at all, on the contrary constitute a bunch of idol-worshipping, pagan, anti-QurŠnic whims, imposed on peopleís mind, through deception and coercion. The most heinous crime of these sects is spreading "sherk," that is, while the holy QurŠn puts the greatest emphasis on "monotheism," "Tawheed" and the worship of the only true GOD, and utterly rejects any form of "sherk" and "assuming partners" for GOD, these sects, under the leadership of their clergy, have made people worship saints (and on so many occasions, worship the kafirs and malefactors) of the past and the present. The worship of Imams, Qotbs, and the top clergy and their tombs, relics, and whatever related to them has become a common practice in the Islamic world, especially in our country, Iran (under the leadership of the clergy). Any protest to these idol-worshipping practices has been confronted with atrocity, coercion and ruthlessness.

In every corner of Iran, a so-called shrine has been constructed, and people have been vigorously persuaded to make long journeys to these tombs (the latest being the so-called shrine of Khomeini), pray to them, seek their help to overcome the difficulties of life, and also ask for their intercession with "Allah" (s.w.t.). People are told that "Imams" have absolute power and authority over the universe and the entire realm of being, and can hear and answer prayers and help the supplicant. Khomeini (the so-called Imam Khomeini) says, For Imam there are spiritual powers that make them different from those who have [political] rulership. It is the position of general viceregency of GOD.... It is viceregency in creation according to which all particles [the whole universe] are obedient to the Wali al-amr (Imam). (Khomeini, Hokumatť Islami, p. 58).
In his book "Kashfť-Asraar," Khomeini says, "We seek assistance from the holy souls of prophets and Imams because GOD has granted them power" (page 30). Following this anti-QurŠnic, superstitious idea, people have been deceived to venerate the so-called shrines, sacred trees, sacred footprints, etc., which are believed to be, one way or another, related to an Imam or his children, descendants, siblings, or other relatives, etc. This way the clergy in Iran (and elsewhere) have built the temples of idol-worshipping and thus seriously violated the most important creed of Islam, which is "La ilaha illa Allah." Even a glance at the holy QurŠn clearly proves that all these ideas and practices are utterly against Islam, which declares GOD as the only sovereign of the universe and the only One to whom the entire realm of existence is obedient. QurŠn calls people to pray to GOD alone and ask only Him for their needs, and repeatedly and clearly bans directing any prayer or supplication to anybody except for Allah (s.w.t.).
The holy QurŠn says:
2:107 - "Knowest thou not that to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth? And besides Him ye have neither patron nor helper."
9:74 - "They shall have none on earth to protect or help them."
6:14 - "Say, Ďshall I take for my protector any other than Allah, the maker of the heavens and the earth? ...Nay, but I am commanded to be the first of those who surrender to Allah in Islam;í and be not thou of the company Ďmoshreks.í"
13:16 - "Say, Ďwho is the Lord and owner of the heavens and earth?í Say "Allah.í Say, Ďif you then take protectors other than Him, such as have no power either for good or for harm to themselves...."
21:65 - "He [prophet Abraham (s)] said, ĎNay, your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, He who created them...."
17:56 - "Say, Ďcall on those besides him whom ye fancy; they have neither the power to remove your troubles from you nor to change them.í"
72:18 - "And the places of worship are for Allah alone. So invoke not anyone along with Allah."
7:194 - "Verily, those whom ye call upon besides Allah are servants like unto you. Call upon them, and let them answer your prayer if ye are truthful." (That is, nobody besides Allah Almighty can answer prayer.)
35:13 - "That is Allah your Lord; to Him belongs all dominions and those who ye invoke besides Him own not a thin skin of a date-stone." (That is, they own nothing and are powerless.)
35:14 - "If you invoke them, they will not hear your call, and if they were to hear, they could not answer your prayer. In the day of judgement they will reject your "sherk" [making partners for GOD]."
40:160 - "And your Lord says: Call on Me. I will answer your prayer...."
Despite all these and many other verses, we regretfully see that the clergy of various sects have deceived people and made them worship false gods, "elahs," and have misled people from Islam and thus heralded them to enter the realm of "sherk" and "idol-worshipping." These clergy have even labelled their religion by names alien to the Islam of Prophet Muhammad (s). They call themselves JŠfari, Hanafi, Owaissi, etc. None of these names were known or used in the time of the great Prophet of Islam, and this practice goes against the teaching of the holy QurŠn, which call us "Moslems."
The holy QurŠn says:
22:78 - "And strive in Allahís cause as you ought to strive. He has choosen you, and has imposed no hardship on you in religion; it is the religion of your father Abraham. He named you "Moslems," both before and in this (revelation)."
This crime of dissecting Islam and dividing Moslems to antagonist sects has brought a lot of calamity upon Moslems and has pitted them against each other to the level that in the course of history Moslems have massacred Moslems (by the decree and under the direction of these religious leaders).
GOD Almighty says:
QurŠn 6:159 - "As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou has no part in them in the least...."
Thus, the great Prophet of Islam does not relate to any of these sects, and these sects do not follow his blessed religion and example. These sects have misled people and caused grave damage to Islam and Moslems. These un-QurŠnic, even anti-QurŠnic names should be abandoned, and people should be lead, again, to the path of true Islam of Prophet Muhammad (s) revealed in the holy QurŠn.
Another heinous sin committed by the clergy (and people have always been encouraged to do it) is insulting the companions of Prophet Muhammad (s) and calling them "renegades," "usurpers," "kafirs," and "munafeghs," among other insults. As an example of this shameful practice, some of Khomeiniís sayings can be mentioned. Khomeini says, "Now, we do not want to bother about the Ďshaikhainí [he means Abu-Bakr (r) and Omar (r)], and their opposition to the QorŠn, and their play with the orders of GOD and their arbitrary making of ĎHalaal and Haraamí and their oppression to Fatimah (r) [the daughter of the Prophet (s)]; and their lack of knowledge of the orders of GOD and rules of religion.... and what ĎOmarí has done is more than one can enumerate. These kind of ignorant [jaahil] plunderer oppressors do not fit the position of leadership and command" (Kashfť-Asraar, p. 110-111).
Khomeini is not alone in this anti-Islamic practice, and the so-called educated intelligentsia spends much energy and time to prove the three first Caliphs (r) wrong and call many other companions as "exploiters" of people, etc. In other words, the insults have been wrapped up in a so-called scholarly cover, but the content is the same. (Look at the writings of Doctor Ali Shariati, for example.) On page 115, Khomeini, again accuses Abu bakr (r) of repeatedly opposing QurŠn and on page 117 accuses "Omar" (r) of acting against QurŠn and says, "...opposing QurŠn was considered nothing important by them [Abu bakr and Omar], and if Imam was explicitly named in The QorŠn, they would oppose it anyway" (p. 117). And on page 119 he calls "Omar" (r) "nonsense sayer." Khomeini says, "Ibn Khattab, the nonsense sayer."
This practice, is totally in violation of the QurŠnic guidance. The holy QurŠn admires the "Mujahedoon" and "Ansaar," and guides us to pray for them. Thus, insulting them is a grave sin.
The holy QurŠn says:
8:74 - "They who believed and emigrated, and fought for the cause of Allah, as well as those who gave asylum and aided, those are in very truth the believers. For them is the forgiveness and a provision most generous."
59:9-10 - "And those who before them had homes, and had adopted the faith, show their affection to such as come to them for refuge, and entertain no desire in their hearts for things given to them [later].... and those who came after them say: Our Lord, forgive us and our brethren who came before us into faith and leave not in our hearts rancor against those who have believed. Thou art indeed kind and merciful."
As a matter of fact, the holy QurŠn forbids insulting even the idols and the idol-worshippers. The path of Islam is the path of wisdom, reason and compassion and definitely not insulting and reviling.
The Holy QurŠn says:
6:108 - "Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah...." While the holy QorŠn forbids reviling even idols and idol-worshippers, and orders Moslems to call to GOD by reason and wisdom, the clergy insults companions of the Prophet and encourages people to do so.
A consequence of insulting the companions of Prophet Muhammad (s) and instigating people to revile them has always been the creation of resentment in the hearts of Moslems and provoking the rest of the Islamic world against our country, Iran, and this is a result which no Iranian, aiming at the emancipation and prosperity of this great nation, desires.
Insulting the companions of the Prophet and also our Moslem brothers in other countries and calling them "wild najdies" (p. 4); "camel jockeys of Riadh who are one of the most notorious nations of the world and one of the wildest ones" (p. 4-5); "a bunch of black desert dwellers" (p. 5); "a bunch of black Najdies, devoid of any knowledge and understanding and piety" (p. 27, Kashfť-Asraar), cannot be considered anything but ignorance, arrogance and the violation of the law of QorŠn, and should be repudiated and stopped.
Another anti-QurŠnic idea, which again directly clashes with the pure monotheism of Islam, is believing in the so-called "absolute supremacy or authority or dominance," "walaaya," of the top clergy leader or leaders, "faqeeh"; that is, the authority of the leading clergy is so vast and even unlimited that he can temporarily ban the performance of important QurŠnic worships such as prayer, "salaat," "fasting" and "Hajj."
Khomeini says: "Government [or to govern] is a branch of Ďabsoluteí dominance [walaaya of faqeeh].... and it has priority over all the secondary rules [of Islam], even prayer [salaat] and Ďfastingí and ĎHajj,í and government can temporarily prevent Hajj, which is one of the most important mandatory and GOD-giving commands, if the government discerns that it is against the interests of the Islamic country" (Khomeiniís decree, year 1366 Hijri).
This idea, too, contradicts the holy QurŠn, which proclaims such an authority for GOD Almighty alone. The unlimited authority and supremacy exclusively belongs to Allah and not even his messenger who himself is under the law of GOD.
Holy QurŠn says:
42:6 - "And those who take as protectors others besides Him, Allah doth watch over them; and thou are not the disposer of their affairs."
6:102 - "That is Allah, your Lord. There is no GOD but He, the creator of all things. Then worship ye Him. And He hath power to dispose of all affairs."
10:109 - "Follow thou the revelation sent unto you...."
7:203 - "...Say, ĎI but follow what is revealed to me from my Lord...í"
Thus, the unlimited authority belongs to GOD only. His great prophet, too, should follow and obey the teachings and the commandments of Allah, and yet Khomeini claims the absolute authority for "Faqeeh." Furthermore, people are ordered to follow the clergy blindly, and this is called "Taghleed," which is defined as "the acceptance and giving obedience to the sayings [religious and political] of other [the clergy leader] without dispute or without demanding any justification or proof." Khomeini says, "Taghleed is to act according to the decree of mujtahed" (Tauzeeh al-massael, Khomeini). This obedience to the mujtahed or top clergy leader actually has no boundaries. It is religious and political, and without any question.
It should be noted that Khomeini is neither the initiator nor the only advocator and believer in "Taghleed." This idea is shared and strongly propagated by other clergy leaders too. "Taghleed" is against the holy QurŠn, which strongly encourages observation and the use of reason, and bans blind following in religion.
The holy QurŠn declares:
6:65 - "....See how we explain the signs in diverse ways, that they may understand.
2:242 - "Thus doth Allah make clear His signs [QurŠnic verses] to you in order that you may [use reason] understand."
2:170 - "When it is said to them: Follow what Allah has revealed, they say: Nay, we shall follow the way of our fathers. Even though their fathers were void of wisdom and guidance."
But, all these and the like blessed verses are ignored by sectarian leaders who have put the "yoke of Taghleed" on their followers.
Another anti-QurŠnic teaching of the clergy is the practice of temporary marriage (motŠ or seegha), according to which a man can marry a woman or as many women as he pleases (unlimited number) for a certain period of time. This time can be even an hour or half and hour, and then the "marriage" is automatically terminated without any "divorce." This practice, which is strongly encouraged by the clergy, is against the teachings of the holy QurŠn, and actually is a kind of "fornication" and thus totally against Islam.
The holy QurŠn says:
23:1-7, "Saved indeed are the believers, those who humble themselves in their prayers.... who guard their modesty [avoid sexual relations], except with those joined to them in marriage bond or whom their right hand possess, for [in their case] they are free from blame. But those who desire beyond that are transgressors."
In other words, QurŠn limits the sexual relations only to that of husband and wife in marriage, whereas, "motŠ" cannot be considered marriage; because it lacks the conditions of marriage such as the "base of perpetuality," "lacks the formal divorce," etc., and it merely constitutes sexual contact and then termination, it is not marriage. Thus the practice of temporary so-called marriage is an anti-Islamic act and banned by the holy QurŠn.
Moreover, the clergy, against the teachings of Islam, have deprived women of the right to become judges or political leaders. Islam has granted equal "political rights" to women. For example:
In the story (Qessa) of prophet Suleiman (s) and the queen of Sheba (r), the holy QurŠn discusses the rule of the queen over her country and positively her style of leadership, and while firmly rejecting her "sherk" and "sun-worshipping" does not reject the rule by a woman. This story and other verses clearly demonstrate that holy QurŠn grants women the right to become rulers and judges. Unfortunately, against the teaching of holy QurŠn, the clergy in Iran constitutionally deprived women of their rights.
The last (in this article) but not the least, is the new practice of changing "Hajj," this great act of worship of Allah, to a sectarian political rally during which the portraits of leaders such as Khomeini are displayed. This practice, if, GOD forbid, spreads and becomes a new tradition, can totally eliminate "Hajj" and destroy its glorious purpose. Hajj is a great worship of Allah (s.w.t.), and a great gathering of brotherhood and friendship of Moslems. If other leaders follow Khomeiniís example and order their citizens to carry their portraits in Hajj and shout their slogans, nothing would come out but clash, antagonism, violence and bloodshed; a disaster stemming from the violation of the QurŠnic guidance which declares: 2:197 - "[For] Hajj are the months well known. If anyone undertakes that duty therein, let there be [or there must not be] any obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj...."
Thus, turning Hajj into this sectarian-political clash and "show" that we have witnessed in recent years is against the QurŠnic law, detrimental to the peace and brotherhood of Hajj, and should be stopped. The grand pilgrimage of Hajj should not be turned into an opportunity to turn the "Haram" into a battlefield for sectarian purposes and a source of division and antagonism among Moslems.
Brothers and sisters, these are only some of the examples of the anti-QurŠnic ideas and actions imposed on Moslems by the clergy and their followers and accomplices, especially in our beloved country Iran. Since people have been kept in total ignorance about the teaching of Allah Almighty, the Rabbany Movement considers his Islamic duty to reveal the truth of QurŠn and Islam, disclose the religious and historical lies which have been viciously and unjustly inculcated in peopleís mind, and make them aware of the pagan ideas and values which have been imposed on them in the holy name of Islam (and definitely against the decree of Islam).
The "Rabbany Movement" strongly emphasizes the vital necessity of introducing the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad (s) to the great nation of Iran, and, by the grace of GOD, is confident that if the truth of Islam be presented to the people they will gladly accept it; and with this, again by the grace of Allah, the whole destiny of the region and the world would change in the direction of true progress, peace and prosperity. We call the attention of our Moslem brothers and sisters to the above-mentioned facts, as well as the teachings and activities of the "Rabbany Movement" in presenting the truth of Islam and disclosing the falsehood of the many manufactured sects which have distorted the reality of Islam.
We seek the support and favor of Allah Almighty in this difficult path and we know that he is with us His servants.
All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds.
The Office of Public Relations of the
Rabbany Movement (Rabbanyyun).

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