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Author Topic:   Saving yourself from Enslavement!
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posted May 22, 2007 21:34     Click Here to See the Profile for Idris   Click Here to Email Idris     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

An Idol is anything that is used to enslave the mind of a person.

There is physical as well as mental enslavement. Physical enslavement is to physically coerce a person into servitude - to rule over a person by force.

Mental enslavement is to enslave the mind of a person instead of just the body - to manoeuvre a person into servitude while he thinks he is free.

A mentally enslaved person is of consequence a slave physically. This is the worst thing that could happen to a human being - death is by far better.

A human being has a body and the soul. While the purpose of life is to uplift the soul at individual?s level of understanding, the body is the physical object by which we interact and manifest our wishes. We definitely have differences in body and environment but not in the soul.
All human beings are created free. All human beings are identical in matter of soul; there is no even gender difference in matter of soul.

The bodily differences have been created in order to organize us and make it easier to conduct our material activities in the common world that we all live. It is a necessity that we divide the activities among ourselves; this has not in anyway made anyone better.

The best among us is the best in beliefs/awareness/character; material possession or position is of no relevance completely. All the material differences are meant to give us addresses so as to recognize and organize ourselves and thereby accomplish our material goals.

The God who created us does not look at our bodies and possessions but what the heart contains.

The leader is in no way better than the ordinary person on the street nor is the Imam/Pastor better than the ordinary follower. A person of a particular race is not better than a person of another race nor is a person living in a big city better than a person living in a remote village.

A human being is either a child or an adult. All adults are independent human beings.

Every adult lives for his or her heart. Every adult must not engage in anything until he or she can trace the benefit of that thing to his or her heart if not it will be exploitation.

As it is completely prohibited for an adult to have pride so it is completely prohibited to have inferiority complex. A human being is a human being; we all belong to the same club.

When a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, the first out of the three ropes of dependence has indeed been cut. The baby henceforth is no more part of the mother's body but a separate entity. The baby now gets its food through the mouth and takes in air from the raw earth. There are still two more ropes to be cut later in life.

The baby would now have to grow to become physically and mentally fit to face the challenges of life. An adult is an independent human being in matter of mind.

When a person becomes fit mentally to face life by himself, God the Almighty cuts the second umbilical cord - the new adult is henceforth responsible for the procurement of his needs and security. If his life would be sweet or bitter, it would now depend on how he utilises his God-given brain and mind. A person up till this point has become an adult though not all adults are human beings - some adults are worse than beasts.

The first umbilical cord was cut by human beings while the second one was by God. The third and the determining rope in life can only be cut by an individual himself. It is for every individual to decide to become or not to become a human being. We all have identical opportunities with respect to this choice. The goal of life is to become a human being.

What distinguishes an adult from all other creatures of God is nothing but the brain. It is by the brain that we are in charge and manipulating all other creatures. Lions are physically more powerful than us but by our brain they are in our zoos. Elephants are by far bigger than us but today we have them in our zoos. We break mountains and construct skyscrapers - thanks to the brain. You think you are small and inside you is the universe.

At adulthood, a person is confronted with two options in life; to declare his independence from all human lords and live a just and rational life or to remain a slave and be condemned in life.

Every human being is a King or Queen and must be respected thus.

Human beings have primary desires and have also been given the rational sense to regulate the desires.

We all live in the same physical world so we must of necessity share the world. The Merciful Lord who created us has not created any scarcity in matter of our needs; there is abundance of everything even above our needs.

Some people due to their laziness and evil tendencies have refused to regulate their hearts and are therefore wild in their search for love and security - they have chosen to disregard the rights and respect of other human fellows.

When God sent us to earth, He sent us as individuals and he would raise us up on that great Day of Judgment to face our individual accounts. No soul bears the load of another soul. God has no relative and therefore no one is nearer to God by virtue of creation. Jesus and Muhammad (God's blessings be on them all) were human beings like us - they were not special creatures. God is absolutely just.

God sent down His Books so that He can communicate directly with His servants. The goal of communication is to create understanding/awareness.

God is not wicked as to make his communication very difficult for comprehension nor is a human being so stupid as not to understand the simple statements of the Wise Lord.

When the Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad, he was instructed to leave the words of God exactly the way it was communicated to him so that anyone reading the Qur'an today is like Muhammad receiving the message directly from God. There is no intermediary between anyone and God in matter of worship.

The Qur'an is the only authentic book of facts that anyone can rely on. It is from God who has perfect and encompassing knowledge. Sciences may be updated but Al-Qur'an is all truth. Al-Qur'an is in total conformity with the reality of life and it is addressed to human brain.

The Qur'an put it forward to human beings not to accept what they can not understand by their brain. Faith is by conviction and no person will be punished for what he did not know convincingly. Muhammad himself challenged his opponents to bring forth what was more of truth that he would accept.

Therefore, anybody that refuses to use his brain is nothing but a fool; anyone that allows himself to be manipulated is nothing but a slave. A human being is a king that relates with other kings and queens on equal terms. The clear instruction from God is: DO NOT OPPRESS AND DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE OPPRESSED.
The declaration that there is no lord but the Just God is what makes a person a human being.

The motivating factor in life is no doubt survival and happiness. Every human being struggles for happiness. For an adult, life is to acquire practical and permanent happiness.

The devilish politicians who have refused to correct their hearts are here today thinking they know why the heavens and the earth are created.

They are the ones that have set up one idol or the other to enslave other human beings while we have all been created to be independent of any human lord.

Rebellion against God has been the single and persistent problem that all prophets were sent to come and resolve. Muhammad happened to be the last in the chain of prophets. All prophets were sent to awaken human beings to the use of their brains and thereby save them from mental enslavement.

While other prophets were sent to specific people, Muhammad was sent to the entire humankind and therefore he came with the Universal Book that is to last for all time.

The message of all the prophets is very clear - Shun all idols and surrender only to the authority of The Almighty God.

Any independent/free human being is a Muslim. A person that is truly free of all human lords and is not a slave to his desires is definitely a Muslim regardless of what he may call himself. This is just a name to identify the true free-thinkers.

"Say: "O people of the book! Come to a common term between us and you: that we worship none but God; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not from among ourselves lords and patrons other than God." If then they turn back say: "bear witness that we are Muslims"

A Muslim is nothing but a Muslim. He searches and abides by the truth alone. A Muslim is any true scientist in both his vertical and horizontal aspects of life. A Muslim is a person that recognizes and obeys no authority but God. The name given to such a person by God is MUSLIM and the way of life is AL-ISLAM

The vertical aspect of life is our learning into the meaning/purpose of life (what to desire). The horizontal aspect is the gratification of our desires.

While a Muslim has no right to force anyone into his own way of life, no one has the right to force him into his political arrangement.

A Muslim is not a Chinese/Japanese/English person though he may be speaking the language and his parents might have come from the particular region.

A Muslim is not a Nigerian/American/Arab though he might be living in the particular region presently.

A Muslim is not a Shia/Sunni/Christian/Jew/Hindu. These are names that have been created to keep people away from God.

It is only the devilish politicians that have emphasized ethnicity/nationality for their devilish ends.

It is the devilish politicians that always set one race/nation against the other. It is these human devils that have always set the so-called Muslims against the Christians. The same devils created a political system they called apartheid in South Africa and the same devils are now in Iraq enforcing their wishes on others.

They rule by setting one group against the other; by creating social classes; by creating idols.

All human beings are selfish and anyone who has the chance would want to become god in exception of those that have completely surrendered themselves to the only LORD and look onto the HEREAFTER.

There are those who have openly declared that they have no business with God and are therefore running their affairs without involving God in their decisions - they call it secular system. These people sincerely declare their rebellion.

The other group of people is rather hypocritical. They claim to be serving God but the reality is that they have set themselves up as the intermediaries to God. They are worshipped instead of God. They come under the name of religions and spiritual cults.

Sunnism, Shiism, Christianity, Hinduism are not different from Secularism. They are all devised by the Satans to lead people away from al-Islam.

Upon all that Moses did for the Israelites, how many people believed in him while he was alive? But today the enemies have invented 'TALMUD' to deter people away from the teachings of Moses.

Jesus at his time could barely count up to 12 Muslims. Alas! The devils have today turned him into an Idol after corrupting the Gospel. See how the corrupted Gospel is failing the test of Science and making many to become sceptics of religion!

The architects of Sunnism and Shiism (religions of the so-called Muslims) attempted to adulterate the Qur'an but failed so they invented their own Talmud (AL-HADITH) to replace the Qur'an. They turned Muhammad into an Idol. Muhammad who was to be a model to humankind (a genuine Muslim) is now looked upon by those so-called Muslims as a partner to God. As soon as they made Muhammad special he ceased to be a model - the very reason why an Angel was not sent in the first place.

It is not a coincidence that the Sunnis and the Shias derive their laws from al-Hadith instead of the Qur'an. How many are their judgements that are in clear contrast to the Qur'an! It is not that the devils are not fully aware that the book of God is complete in Truth and Justice and that nothing has been left out. How many so-called Muslims today are enslaved in these human invented religions!

As observed by Karl Marx - Religion (in the above sense) is no doubt opium for the masses.

It is through the Hadith that the Sunnis and Shias are today stoning people to death and have made it impossible for anyone to leave their prisons. It is in the same Hadith that they have turned their slaves into robots.

They prevented the non-Muslims from reading the Qur'an (which is sent for all humankind) because they say the non-Muslims are not pure. They prevented the Muslims from studying the Qur'an because (according to them) they are so stupid that they can hardly understand anything by their brains. They need the help of the Spiritualists who supposedly have special contact with God - the enslavement.

In Q56:79, God only warns that a person has to be objective in mind to understand Him but they misinterpreted the verse for their devilish goals.

If the non-Muslims can not read the Qur'an and the Muslims can not understand it then who is the Qur'an meant for? How much I pray for the day these people study al-Qur'an as a guide in their practical life instead of mere recitation for reward!

Yes! Human religions, nationalism, and the physical symbols are among the idols of today. The idols that Abraham broke and Muhammad tried to remove from Makkah. Muhammad was not fighting against mere stones and carved wood! Both Abraham and Muhammad were fighting against mental enslavement - the lords behind the idols - the politicians of today.

What is a land that a person has to pledge to serve with all his strength and to die for? Did the land know how humankind was created? Where has God gone that a person has to serve human illusions?

Know that these are people that have rebelled against the Lord who created and is sustaining them. They are the rebels that have rebelled against their own NATURE. They are responsible for all the evils on earth. They will not stop at anything to enslave you. They have no any respect for your human dignity.

Who is ready to become a Muslim and he is my brother or she is my sister; these are my only loved ones on earth. Where are the 'born again' for truly they are the free human beings?

"Certainly those who say their Lord is one and are firm, they have nothing to fear nor do they have any cause to grieve."

In a Muslims community, it is not might that rules but the truth. A Muslim community is a relationship between Kings and Queens. God is our home. The enemies have no true home so they can never give you any.

Let us come together to collectively search for the truth and follow it. The Mind is too fertile that a person must either cultivate it himself or the devilish politicians take over.

For more information visit http://gardens.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?t=3 to download my books (This is al-Islam and Life-Cycle) free. They contain the fundamental principles and rules of life as contained in the Qur'an.

I am Idris Omeiza and you can contact me through my e-mail: idrisomeiza@yahoo.com

[This message has been edited by Idris (edited May 22, 2007).]

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