About Shahab Rabbani's Work
Textures of a Culture:   
Images of Rural Iran  

The images in this exhibit express the beauty and simplicity of Iranian villages and towns as they exist in our memories of ancient and bucolic places. This collection of photographs reflects the belief that the structures that surround us offer insight into our ever evolving traditions, values and identities. The photographer , Shahab Rabbani, captures the richness of surface texture and architectural structure through his experience in these places. As you experience the exhibit, you will discover the color and texture, light and shadow, memories and possibilities in these original photographs of Iran.  

Shahab Rabbani is a Los Angeles -based architect and photographer who grew up in Iran. The images in this exhibit are part of his field work studies of Iranian villages' culture and architecture in early 1980's. Presentation techniques include photo-montage and photo-collage processing.  

Textures of a Culture: Images of Rural Iran  was originally exhibited on April 18th at the Beverly Hills Library and was supported by the Beverly Hills City Cultural Program.  

For more information, please contact Rabbani@IROL.net

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