Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

Hafez lived in Shiraz from 1300 to 1389.  His verses are well-known to all Iranians. His extraordinary popularity is due to his simple and frequently discursive language and his use of familiar images and of proverbial expressions.  Some feel that his best poetry is the "Ghazal" engraved on his tomb.  The Ghazal is a six to fifteen verse composition in which the verses are linked together by a unity of inspiration and of symbolism rather than a logical sequence of ideas.  Here are a few verses:
"Sit near my tomb, and bring wine and music - Feeling thy presence, I shall come out of my sepulcher - Rise, softly moving creature, and let me contemplate thy beauty."
From: The Fabulous land of Iran
Photograph by:Mahmmod Shahrabi
Designed by: Javad Yassavoli