Autumn migration of Ghashghaie Tribe, Firooz-Abad Road
The Ghashghaie are named after a governor of Fars province during the time of Shah Abbas I.  According to oral tradition, the Ghashghaie originally decedent from the Caucasus to settle in what is now north-western Iran around Ardebil.  Throughout the history of Iran, the tribes have played an important part in the defense of the country, and have been used at various time in this respect.  During the Safavid period, the Ghashghaie were driven to southern regions to help defend Iran in the battle of Harat.  Ghashghaie played an important role in curtailing British military expedition of 1896.

From: The Fabulous land of Iran
Photograph by:Bahram Abedini
Designed by: Javad Yassavoli