Mixed Herb Stew
Khoresht-e Ghormeh Sabzi
(Recipe Prepared By: Shaida)

- 120g (4 oz) red kidney or black-eyed beans  
- 30g (l oz) fresh fenugreek or 2 tablespoons dried  
- 150g (5 oz) parsley  
- l00 g (4 oz) coriander or parsley  
- 180g (6 oz) spring onions or leeks  
- 30g (l oz) dill (optional)  
- 360g (12 oz) boned leg of lamb  
- 1 medium onion  
- 2 tablespoons dried lime powder  
- 4 whole dried limes  
- salt  
- juice of 2 lemons or 4 if dried limes are not available

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1. If using red kidney beans, leave to soak for several hours, preferably overnight. Then boil fast for ten minutes, drain and rinse well, Put to one side.

2. Clean and wash the herbs, removing coarse stems, drain and shake dry. Chop finely.

3. Fry the herbs (sprinkling in the crushed dried fenugreek leaf if using) in a little oil over a moderate heat, turning constantly, adding more oil when necessary until the herbs begin to darken (about 30-40 minutes). Remove from heat and keep on one side.

4. Trim and cut the meat into large pieces, 6-7 cm (21/2 in), wash and leave to soak while you slice and fry the onion until soft and golden. Add the drained meat and brown well on all sides.

5. Stir in the herbs. Add the beans, lime powder and enough water to cover. Cover the pan and simmer gently for an hour.

6. Pierce the dried limes in several places with a sharp knife and add along with the dried lime powder and salt.

7. Simmer gently for a further hour or until the meat and beans are tender and the whole sauce well blended. Add lemon juice to taste.

8. Dish up into a warm serving dish and serve with white rice.