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The first issue of Iran Online Magazine is being prepared and is scheduled to be posted in the First half of December 1996. Iran Online Magazine emphasizes cultural, economical and social issues that are of interest to Iranians. The following rules provide the overall guidelines:

People Magazine- "A magazine by the people, for the people, serving the people" is our goal. We encourage you to send us your articles, ideas and comments and help us to realize this goal.

All Inclusive- We will focus on issues and subjects that are not divisive. Therefore, we will not use this magazine to advocate political ideologies or religious viewpoints.

    Reader Feedback- We will rely heavily on our reader's feedback to make Iran Online Magazine as interesting as possible for all Iranians.

Sources for Articles- Our editorial staff, viewers and publications with limited distributions will be primary sources for the articles.

Open Format- Articles will be in both Farsi and English. Articles will not have to follow any specific format.

We invite you to visit Iran Online Magazine upcoming issue. In the mean while, visit the other Iran Online homepages and send us your articles and ideas.

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