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We are pleased to announce that we have completed the conversion of Iran Online files, scripts and software to a new computer operating environment.  This has been a major milestone for us. In the last few weeks the technical staff of Iran Online has been working very hard to make this transition transparent to our visitors.  Our new computer operating environment has been a major financial undertaking which we have gladly accepted. It allows us to serve the intellectual needs of our visitors better and to support Iranian businesses around the globe more effectively. We are very excited about our new system. We believe that we are now better equipped to serve our visitors, to provide web hosting and to support advertising needs of businesses that cater their services to the Iranian communities around the globe. We can now expand our wide range of services at a faster paste while adding new features.  We can now proudly state that  "THE BEST IS GETTING  BETTER".

One of the changes is our new chat software.  It offers all the features of its predecessor plus additional features that you have been asking for.  We have also added three new chat rooms.   We invite you to take advantage of our enhanced online chat services.

Even though we have tested various parts of our new system exhaustively, there may be areas that have been overlooked.  We ask you to inform us about failures that you may experience via email. Iran Online can now be accessed through two URLs.  The first one is  "IranOnline.com" and the second one is "IrOL.com".  We activated the second URL recently to make it easier for our visitors to remember and access Iran Online.   All the pages and features of Iran Online are available through both URLs.  Therefore, it is just a matter of  personal choice and ease of remembering them.
New Additions

Iran Online continues to grow.  In the last few weeks, we have further expanded the "Literature" section.  Poems from some of our best poets have been added to this section.  We have also added a permanent section to the "Iran Online Museum of Art" highlighting calligraphy.  Selected works or Mr. Esrafil Shirchi, one of  the renowned Persian contemporary artists is highlighted here.  "Iran Online Newsroom" has also been expanded to provide access to more than eighty news agencies across the world.  For many people, the Newsroom has become one stop source of news about Iran and the world. New issues of IranGohar, the Iranian women newsletter, and ICOCC newsletter have also been posted during this period.

More people are learning about the free "Classified Advertising" section and take advantage of this service.  Iran Online visitors continue to sign the "Guestbook" and voice their opinion about Iran Online.

We encourage you to visit these sections and look for upcoming additions.
 Lets Talk

Our popularity among Iranian Internet community is growing at a rate faster than we could have ever imagined.  What is interesting is the wide range of interests that is shown by our visitors.  Keeping up with all the interests and demands have become a major undertaking for us, which we accept whole heartily.   We are also working on adding new features to better serve the Iranian community.  As Iran Online continues to grow, it requires more resources and funds for its day to day operation.  These costs can only be offset by advertising fees and web hosting services that we offer through our parent company, Manou & Associates Inc.  If you think Iran Online provides a positive and valuable service to the Iranian community and would like to take part in its growth, then we ask you to help us promote its advertising and web hosting services among Iranian business owners.  We also ask you to support businesses that advertise their services and products in Iran Online and in your other favorite Iranian Internet sites.  Help us better serve you.  This time you can make a difference.
This Issue

As always the articles posted in this issue are from a pool of viewers provided material.  We thank those whose articles are included here.  We also thank you and would like to remind you that we value your opinion. Please continue to send us your articles and comments.

Iran Online
July 1997 

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