Freedom is mine to take
I am tired of people telling me what to do or what not to do. As far back as I remember, I have been told "to do this", "not to do that", "to say this”, “ not to say that”…. My parents were the first ones to order me around, my older brothers were next. As if that was not enough, the school principal, teachers, religious leaders joined the crowd. As I grew older, this group got bigger,  rules became more stringent and punishments became more severe.  As an adult one could be labeled, called names, judged and incarcerated.

I ask you if living under someone else's rules is a pleasant experience?  We are told laws are needed to protect the majority and to maintain a balance between individual rights and the good of society (majority will).   But I only see  a small group of people who force their will on the silent majority. I am forced to fight back. As far back as I remember, I have had to fight for my freedom. Freedom has never seemed to be my natural right. I have had to fight for it and I will never stop to fight for my freedom.  It is not that I need to exercise more freedom or want to do anything illegal. I just can not give others the satisfaction of thinking that they are in control.  I am willing to endure the harshest punishment but not to give another the joy of controlling me.  I know this can consume my life and destroy me.  But I ask you why I should subject myself to their stupid rules, laws and superstitions. Why should I allow them to exploit me, to brainwash me, to use me up and at the end like all their other victims to spit my overused and abused body and soul out of their machinery so I end up in a useless state called retirement?

I was born to be free.  It is the human nature to be free.  Do you think it is a coincident that we are all drawn to nature.  How many times have you seen a bird flying and wished you could have flown along side of it? Why the need to be in harmony with nature is so strong in us?  Have you noticed that as we get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and get closer to nature, life becomes more pleasant?  Is this an aberration of human nature?  It does not matter, all I know is that I crave to be free every second of my life and I have to act on it. I will not suppress my feelings for the sake of rules that I have no respect for.  Damn to those who want to slave free spirits.  I will never bow to their rules.  I will never be trapped in their synthetic world and be controlled by their plastic credit cards, designer clothing, artificial flavoring, pasty beauty, ..  I will never become slave in their army and fight their battles.  I will never allow them to destroy my mind by their superstitions. I want to experience life on my own terms, to make my own mistakes and to learn from them.  Who knows may be one day I become a role model and others start to see the world through my eyes.

August 1997
Kambiz Yadegar

Editor’s note

Iran Online received this article without a title. With Mr. Yadegar’s permission, we chose “Freedom is mine to take”.